Interpretation Processes

- Interpretation Processes

Interpretation Services in Dubai. Interpreting Process by Elaph Translation

Some of our clients confuse translation with interpreting (this is the more accurate term than the often one used ‘interpretation’). As a starter, we make this difference clear in this snippet. Simply, interpreting is oral translation, that is when someone speaks and someone else translates this speech into another language. If you need this service, you’d better familiarize yourself with the following steps to receive a better interpreting service.

interpretation services in uae


Dubai is one of the global hubs of international conventions and conferences. As a translation company based in Dubai with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, Elaph is well positioned to give you the most reliable interpreting service. A claim that is yet to be challenged. Seriously.

Client Brief

As you know, the better the client’s brief, the better the service. In this step, you provide us with full information about the interpreting task. Depending on your information and requirements, Elaph is going to fulfil your needs. We expect to receive information about the date and time, place, general topic, participants, and audience of your conference or meeting. If you have any other materials like texts of speeches, keynotes, and otherwise, that would be super helpful for us to render our service at its best.

interpreter/Equipment Booking

Unlike translation, interpreting needs a certain set of arrangements and installations to take place at conference or meeting venues. Your needs will depend on how large or small your event is. In your brief, you will need to indicate what equipment you will advise us to book for your event. These may include headsets, transmitters, microphones, interpreter booths, to mention some. For the services of interpreters, we have a pool of handpicked highly qualified interpreters to choose from.

Supporting Material

Due to pressures of all sorts, including linguistic aspects, time constraints, and public speaking skills, interpreting is one of the most demanding jobs out there. For smooth and successful completion of your event, we highly appreciate any supporting materials you provide us with that gives a boost to the quality of interpreting service.

Equipment Instalation

Based on your approval and with your gracious help, Elaph will proceed to installing technical equipment at the venue. In this step, we will need to coordinate with multiple stakeholders indeed. Initially, consider this for your good.


To avoid any surprises at your awesome event, we will conduct a test involving the interpreter himself and on-site technicians. In advance, we will set up the equipment considering the layout of the e event place, and will test them to assure faultless performance throughout the event.


This is the crucial part of the process where the actual interpreting job takes place. At the specified date and time, Elaph, you, your staff, speakers, and organizers will join hands to deliver on the promise.

Instant Feedback

For continuous enhancement of our services, we are keen to have your input in relation to the level of service quality. Once your event concludes with a resounding success hopefully, please be generous enough to point out any concerns and we promise to address them in the utmost professional manner.

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I truly appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service. The level of detail and professionalism you have demonstrated on urgent requests of Translation.
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abu ali
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very bad service and very rude customer service
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