Desktop Publishing Processes

- Desktop Publishing Processes

Desktop Publishihg Services in Dubai. DTP Process by Elaph Translation

Every business explores all avenues to impress its audience and client base with their techniques set for producing their documents and copies. This process introduces you to the steps we follow to give your brand, image, and message the best final design in terms of content, whether audio or textual, and visual elements like images and videos.

desktop publishing process in uae


To get noticed in an astoundingly noisy world of traditional (radio, TV, newspapers) and new media (internet with plethora of social platforms), you need an experienced partner for your desktop publishing needs. In addition to other collateral, videos, books, magazines, and e-books are your publishing arsenal used to attract, maintain and satisfy your clients. Give our wide-scale resources and experience a test drive to find out how we make difference when it comes to DTP service. You will be thrilled. Guaranteed.

Client Brief

It all starts with how you see brand and your image. In your own words, your needs will be communicated to us to jumpstart your publishing project. Have a clear idea about these needs and get in touch to hopefully start a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.


In this step, we begin with the conception work and proceed through the different stages towards the final result to your satisfaction. Each publishing product has different characteristics in terms of typesetting, image placeholders, layouts and text formatting. We analyze these features and present you with our innovative concept of your product.


At this stage, our team of DTP artists will apply proper methods to give you an artwork that is specifically designed to your DTP purpose. They combine design elements like typeface, images, shapes, texture and colors according to design principles such as consistency, unity, balance, and rhythm. Sorry no condescending talk. But these are terms related to the industry.


On the completion of all these bits and pieces, your product will be ready to be created as a full-fledged standalone product. In this stage, individual elements come together to constitute the whole picture.

Digital prepation

Before proceeding to the publishing step, your product will be converted to a digital format. This is a necessary step for many advantages. By having a digital version, we can transfer, edit and more effectively render the product in a seamless manner.


Depending on the operating system, publishing software and other printing machines employed in the process, your product will have its desired representation by the end of this phase. You will have a digital access to your product to have a discerning look on our pride-invoking work.

Client Review

Try to be specific as much as possible when you give your feedback. Your feedback must be based on the initial requirements communicated in the first phase. Afterwards, we will have all your notes and comments implemented and realized.

Quality Assurance

Even with your feedback integrated within your published product, the job is not done yet. We insert this step into our DTP process so that your published material meets our quality standards well known throughout the respected DTP industry.


After running your product into our set of standards, you will receive it final and completed with all your initially delivered copyrighted materials. Now you can use a material that is entirely consistent with your brand as well as the highest DTP standards. Use it as you deem right and proper to attract audience and engage your clients. We are dead sure that you will come again.

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The team was very helpful
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I truly appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service. The level of detail and professionalism you have demonstrated on urgent requests of Translation.
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very bad service and very rude customer service
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