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Technology changes in a constant pace. At Elaph, we spare no effort to keep up with these advances for our subtitling services. We adjust our strategies and techniques to meet the needs of our clients.Usually, we prepare a dialogue list for translation. Afterwards, we segment and adjust translated text into timed units. Please have a peak at our subtitling process.


You know that translation for dubbing is not final. In fact, it is no more than a starting point. This tentative text will pass through many long stages that may transform completely such initial translation. There may be the same concept of these stages anywhere you go. But there are certain differences depending on job volume and requirements.


If accuracy and timeliness are vital to any service, they are to your transcription needs. We’ve developed our strategy so that we are always able to improve quality, maximize transcription output, and excel at our deliverables.First and foremost, we are keen not to skip any word. A word might be significant to the ultimate goal of your whole transcription task.

Do You need Dubbing or Subtitling Service?

Dubbing and subtitling are two techniques used to enable you to spread your message beyond your current local audience. If you aren’t sure whether you should seek subtitling or dubbing services, you can rely on our expertise to craft the best solution for your audio or video material.

Basics of Subtitling and Dubbing

In Subtitling, you replace the spoken in one language with the written in another. In Dubbing, you replace the spoken in one language with the spoken in another. What determines the quality of subtitles or dubs is how the three elements of time, space and content are coordinated. Our skillsets at Elaph will have you satisfied with the audiovisual product.

Excellent Subtitling/Dubbing Service

For dubbing, you replace the voices of the actual actors with those of speakers in another language. For subtitles, you replace lines of spoken dialogue with written ones in another language.

What is good subtitling or Dubbing?

  • Doesn’t interrupt image and sound
  • Is an exact match of dialogue
  • Is timed and aligned with scenes

It Is All About Your Audience

You know that your audience is the king when it comes all aspect of your business. Giving them a subtitled or dubbed video with poor quality means your turn them away. Too much text on the screen is a signal of poor subtitling.

Tech-Savvy Audio/visual Teams

At Elaph, our dubbing and subtitling department is technically equipped with the state of the art tools and technologies. With our systems implemented and our in house qualified technicians, Elaph can guide your project to the fulfilment of your objectives. Free of worries and concerns, you will be proud of what you present to your audience.