Legal Translation for Individuals

- Legal Translation for Individuals

Legal Translation in Dubai: Legal translators in Dubai have one of the best opportunities to master legal translation.

Legal translators in Dubai know it. For Dubai is home to over 200 nationalities. Legal translators in Dubai have one of the best opportunities to master legal translation. Because of the large number of nationalities, there will be huge volume of legal translations.

You know, birth certificates, marriage certificates, powers of attorney, corporate partnership contracts, and the like.

Accuracy is king when it comes to translating legal texts. One mistranslation in an official document could lead to lawsuit. Maybe, legal translation is not as difficult for a translator as literary translation. But legal translation still has its traps. But some say that to translate legal texts you need to be inventive as in literary translation, and be precise as in technical translation. As it is denoted by the work ‘legal’, language of legal documents has to be specific.

You know that in literary translation, translator might be free to add or remove in order to render the message and the tone. Unlike literary language, legal texts should be breve, economic and neat. Clarity is a must have for legal translation. Ambiguity can lead to different interpretations. And different interpretations mean different readings. Which in turn lead to differences between parties. The three No’s of legal translation: No addition. No omission. No alteration.

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

It is true you have to be precise, accurate, breve, and specific in legal translation. But terms play a significant role in legal translation.

Some legal source words and phrases may not have exact equivalences. Word for word translation may not be sensible. If you think of terms like: notary public, memorandum of association, articles of association, power of attorney and the like. Word for word translation wouldn’t do justice when you translate it from English to Arabic or the other way around. Sometimes, this is solved by paraphrasing legal expressions. This means explaining terms by rendering legal terms into illustrative translations.

Legal language resources like legal dictionaries, online databases, magazines, journals are necessary. So legal translators should have access to these resources in order to make themselves familiar with the sort of language used in the target language and legislations. One of the other difficulties found in the field of legal translation is certification. Documents required to be translated legally will be kept as legal records.

Many persons with different job descriptions will have to stamp them and acknowledge their correctness.

Dubai Legal Translation: If you are looking for legal translators in Dubai. Choose Elaph Legal Translation.

Experience matters in translating legal documents. And we have 10 years plus in serving our individual and corporate clients. Legal or otherwise, never settle for less than expert translators when it comes to translation of legal documents.

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