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- Translation Processes

Translation Services in Dubai: How Translation is Done By Elaph Translation

Have you ever wondered how Elaph Translation handles translation? What are the steps involved in our translation process? How we are able to maintain consistent levels of quality in translations we produce?
We are happy to answer your questions:

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At Elaph Translation we pride ourselves on our leading client focused process. The extensive certified process that assures unparalleled quality translations has set the bar for the industry to follow, in this video we discuss the different stages that our translations go through, from the initial communication with the client, to glossary creation, to the internal working of our operations and the phases that the translation goes through, followed by the delivery and the feedback system in place, and how we keep the client involved every step of the way.


Thanks to our unique experience in translation market, we have been able to systematize our translation process into the following steps. Looking into these steps, you will have a better idea how through this process your original copy will develop into a translation product.

Files Preprocessing

At no time before, there have been such many types of files. We make sure that we are able to handle any type or format depending on your requirements. Be sure that we have the software and the state of art devices to cope with any advanced requirement.

Content Analysis

If you have a translation memory, a translation database, or even a translation that is similar to the file to be translated, you may provide us with the same to prepare your next translation. This facilitates and may expedite our job as it gives us an idea of your glossary and applicable terminology.

Style Guide

You may have your own style guide, or want us to comply with a certain style guide. Neither this nor that? You can be sure that we will be using our style guide so your translation will be accurate, faithful and consistent. As an additional service, you may ask us to provide you with a glossary. This can be very much helpful in preparing your next translations..

Team Allocation

Our project manager will examine your source file and requirements. With vast knowledge of our resources and translators available, the project manager will match your translation with the most qualified translator in terms of text type and deadline.


Following the assignment of the project, the translator will begin working on your project aided with every means and tools to render it in the target language to your satisfaction.


Not always you can find a translator who is a subject matter expert (SME) with regard to the text type of the project. Hence comes the need for SMEs. After the translator finishes his job, a subject matter expert will read and review your translation. His job is to check things like word choice, phrasing, terminology, and others.


In this step, we arrange your translated copy in your preferable file type. Your project will be converted to suit your purposes. As you know, a file type that suits brochures doesn’t necessarily suit a web copy.


Translation has been done and file type with its formats has been completed. It’s time to check it to fix any mismatch in your copy.

Client Review

As the owner of the translated project, you will have the final say in the final translation product. That is why your input relating to any detail will be most valuable. Your notes will be taken seriously and will be implemented. No two ways about it.

Quality Assurance

All the above elements involved in our process are run through a quality assurance test. The product has to pass such test to make it to the delivery step.


Once you agree that your expectations are met, you will be ready to receive your translation project. Share it with your clients, audience and converts with confident pride. Congratulations.

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Esraa Nasser
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I truly appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service. The level of detail and professionalism you have demonstrated on urgent requests of Translation.
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abu ali
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very bad service and very rude customer service
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