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Do you know your burqa’ from your hijab, and your vents from your neats?

Fashion Translation Services In middle east

This is how hard it is to figure out what items and products that words represent in fashion clothing industry. Hard right?

Yes it is, let alone to figure out how to represent these items in another language, that is to translate them into not only another language, but most importantly another culture.

Truth is that fashion translation is hard. Its unwillingness to translate well is hinged on its cultural specificity. That is to say a word or a term is deeply rooted in the culture where it is originated. When culture comes into play in the translation process, you need a really competent translator.

Most of the times, fashion translation presents itself as a paradox. Why is that? Because a translator is required to choose between two worlds, and take a side.

As any other equivalence for burqa’ wouldn’t be efficient enough, it might better to keep it (transliterate it) and gloss it (that is to spell out its meaning).

With a tiny mistranslation, you might go out of fashion

Seriously speaking.

Elegance doesn’t travel well between languages. You know that translating in fashion needs a different approach. It should be handled by brainy translators. And in the few lines ahead you will know why, if you don’t know already. It goes without saying that any translation needs attention and linguistic disciplines.

But when it comes to fashion. Attention should be at its utmost and the translation approach should be unique.

From character to labels, and from sketches to communication clues in the fashion copy, all these have to be maintained in the target text to the highest degree possible. Still translation in fashion have some limits. Style in fashion documents and write-ups can’t be overemphasized.

Consistent style is an intrinsic feature of any successful fashion translation. Your fashion products when launched abroad must carry the mark of this style. But wait.

Why would your fashion content, be it brochures, leaflets and otherwise, need translation?

At the end of the day, we are talking fashion. And you need no man to tell you that fashion comes and goes.

From this respect, fashion content may become outdated and goes out of fashion in a glimpse of light. In fact, there are many solid reasons why you as a fashion business needs to present your fashion website or copies to as wide audience as you can.

Multilingual fashion content will bring you more business. When you have your content in another language, you enhance awareness of your brand and labels.

You attract more customers to your business; therefore, you generate more revenues. No one can argue against more revenues as you penetrate more markets.

Expertise is Key

Whatever your communication media through which you convey your fashion messages may be, your brand with its delicate details has to travel safe and intact to the target language.

In our endeavor to keep the finest details of your fashion write-ups, Elaph Translation explores all avenues to assign your translation to the linguistic professionals who have a keen interest in fashion.

Familiarity with the nuances of fashion industry is essential for any fashion translator. Otherwise, how would expect to receive a translated copy that have fashion jargon as used throughout the fashion business?

In fact, translation wouldn’t be good enough to move luxury products and branded labels from one language to another. We at Elaph Translation walks the extra mile in that we don’t stop where the mission of translation ends. We go the extra mile towards transcreation (you may call it creative translation).

Transcreation is a buzzword that goes beyond translation to rewriting the translation, so that it looks like as if written originally in the target language. While a text translated can still seem awkward, transcreation is where you can sense the power of language. Let me give you an example.

If you head to google translate and through the phrase ‘fashion brands’, you will find many word choices for this simple phrase.
You will see the following translations:

Which is not bad translation, unless in specific contexts.


Or this heavy-weight translation:

Or this crisp linguistic choice:

You see.

A translator can be spoiled by choices.

In order for a translator to pick the right choice, he or she should be aware of your business, your target market, and your target audience.

Here comes Elaph Translation to rescue, so you can be sure that your business not only survives but also thrives. So if you plan to launch your website in a new language, you now know where to head for your fashion translation.

What kinds of fashion marketing materials you need to translate?

Your marketing collaterals are various and may be numerous. They can include:

  • product descriptions
  • branding materials
  • fashion trademarks
  • labels
  • marketing content
  • fashion website copy
  • fashion video script
  • fashion brochures and leaflets
  • and more.

Go Global and Get your Slice of the Pie

You know that until recently local markets have got most attention of any marketer or business owner. Today the focus has shifted to global markets. No enterprise can afford to look the other side from the new business models prescribed by globalization.

Therefore, you need to merge the local and the global of your business together and be a champion of glocal business. For a global business to reach locals in their language, transcreation plays a significant role.

Language makes the difference when it comes to your brand image and business reputation. To be a glocal business, you won’t afford to keep your content in one tongue.

And to be honest, a local flavor of your brand can’t be felt unless you choose your linguistic service provider (LSP) carefully, unless you handpick them. Make your pick right now.

Be unstoppable by language barrier.

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