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The Arabic 5-letter noun word translates, among others, into causing to come together, to team up, and to bring about familiarity, intimacy, affinity, closeness, and friendliness. Nothing of that would be possible without effective communication, and communication is mostly about words. Words create worlds.

Can you imagine a wordless world?

Then, Elaph wouldn’t have existed. But here we are, alive and kicking, up and running in a world full world. As you know, a man with a smart idea can change the world.

Nay, it wasn’t a one man show. Just in the early days, it was a two men business.

Like most stunning yet simple endeavors in life, it took two to give birth to Elaph. It took two professionals to TRANSLATE Elaph from an awesome idea on a blank sheet of paper into a start up.

Hyper aware of the lack of quality translation providers and the dearth of competent translators, both men came together, and ponder how they can address the two plagues of the translation market. As the proverb says, it takes two to tango.

Luckily, the two men agreed to launch Elaph translation. At such meeting, they wrote the first page of Elaph’s history.

And the story goes on.

So, there were only two. Yes, but only at the start, since Elaph took a battalion of professionals who teamed up to transform (read translate) into a full-fledged business.

Fast backward a full decade.

Back in 2006, we started out as a small start up in a Dubai-based business center. And from that humble beginning as a tiny office, we’re proud to have become the Dubai’s  leading translation provider. Not only in Dubai, but also in other major cities.

Today we have offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo and Alexandria.

Now to paraphrase (read translate again) Churchill, this is not the end of the story, not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

As the idea keeps disseminating and the word keeps spreading, more cities will be the new setting of the story of Elaph.

[2006] Establishment

[2006] Establishment

The  genesis of Elaph idea originated from need to close a serious gap in translation market. two translators  professional with extensive expertise in Dubai . Mardini and Kethawi were painfully aware of the drastic need for a reliable translation business . They envisioned building their own company and proceeded to build Elaph in glamorous Dubai. at the heart of their enterprise were goals like raising the bar for translation market .

[2009] Abu Dhabi Branch

[2009] Abu Dhabi Branch

No more than three years later , Elaph has managed to have a long list of happy customers who overjoyed not just with translation product but with the customers service experiences. Certainly ,success didn’t come easy , but Elaph continued to witness exponential growth . The list of clientele include customers from emirates other than Dubai . There comes the need for another

[ 2010 ] Cairo Branch , ISO & EN Certification

[ 2010 ]  Cairo Branch , ISO & EN Certification

Sincere efforts paid off as Elaph business continued to expand beyond the United Arab Emirates . A country with potentials and extraordinary  pool of talents , Egypt was the next destination to aim for . A Cairo branch was added to tap into business opportunities and harness the power of Egyptian translation know-how. Three Competitive advantages : High quality translation. unique customer service and excellent organizational performance qualified Elaph to receive many accolades and awards including but not limited to the ISO 2008:9001 certificate and the European quality standard EN 1503H.

[2013] ISO & EN re-certification

[2013] ISO & EN re-certification

since commitment to quality and excellence is not a one-off event or activity , ELaph was keen to raise the bar for translation quality and customer service excellence. Such keenness allowed Elaph to earn to the trust of the high profile accreditation authorities around the world

2016 – Alexandria

2016 – Alexandria

Over a decade ago , Elaph took a different path. Elaph decided to be a pacesetter in translation market and the decision proved to be a wise. That meant closing the gab in translation service and responding to the needs of translation market with a different mission. The mission is still full of promises Mardini and Qithwai still sail Elaph ship in a sea of success .

2017 – Training

2017 – Training

Elaph announced the graduation of a new batch of 25 promising youth who have been trained on various translation techniques through the “MARIS” initiative. This initiative aims to enrich the field of translation in the Arab world through enhancing the skills of translators and providing them with the required technical and practical skills to be qualified to work as professional translators.

2018 – CSR Year

2018 – CSR Year

At Elaph Translation, we strongly believe in the essential role corporate social responsibility [CSR] plays in social development. Powered by Elaph Translation, we realize how essential to cultural exchange, global peaceful dialogue and knowledge dissemination is the role contributed by language professionals, translators and interpreters and writers content developers.

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Work Environment

Our values are the foundation of our company, the principles which guide all of our work and which remind and motivate us to pursue our vision. The values structuring the relationships we build within our team are reflected in the dynamic partnerships we build with our clients, founded on quality, long-term commitment and advancing with you.

Meet Elaph’s Leaders

With strong leadership, effective teamwork and a clear vision, we expanded our capacities and devoted our efforts to a clear set of priorities, focusing first and foremost on building dynamic client relationships and constantly advancing the quality and breadth of our services. We continue to develop new capacities as the industry grows, opening offices in Abu Dhabi and Cairo, and receiving international recognition for our efforts.

Hassan Al Kethawi, Managing Partner of Elaph Translation

Hassan Al-Kethawi


Ahmed Mardini Managing Partner of Elaph Translation

Ahmed Mardini