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- Proofreading Service

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Now that you have finished writing your document, and it is about time to press the publish, send, or print button.

Now that you have left no stone unturned to make sure you have included everything you have to say.

Now that you have accomplished the mission of the writer.

Please have a look again at your work, and give it a second thought. Please don’t rush. Please consider the service of a proofreader.

For your advertising material, presentation, speech, script, or write-up to be professional and persuasive, you should have zero tolerance for typos, grammar mistakes and other linguistic glitches.

When you need to publish a document about some topic, you choose a subject matter expert (SME) in the concerned field. Unfortunately, not all SMEs can give you contents free from mistakes.They are no linguists.

Hence comes the need for proofreading services and proofreaders.

Of course, there is no consensus on the scope of proofreading with regard to linguistic interventions made on the text. Some think proofreading is limited to typos, mistakes, misspellings, punctuation errors, and the like. Some extends its scope to include structure, tone, style and voice and the like. No matter what your proofreading requirements are, we are here to help.

At Elaph, we provide you with custom-made proofreading services. Whether or not you want our proofreading services to include revisions, we only ask you to specify the scope of services required.

Proofreading Services Scope

Usually, when you ask for proofreading, we expect your copy will be in need of correcting grammar errors, minor syntactic mistakes, few typos, usage errors, minor formatting issues like spacing issues. But if you need proofreading services of broader scope, you can ask us to do so.

Then, our services would include the following:

  • Evaluate the quality of the manuscript
  • Impose a style guide (AP Style Guide or Chicago Style Guide or Stunk & White, etc.)
  • Examine any graphs, tables or charts for typos or errors
  • Fix cohesion and coherence issues
  • Restructure your copy and reorganize sentences, paragraphs, sections
  • Rewrite and edit the whole document on a wider scale
  • Research the topic and write new sections
  • Recommend additions, deletions, insertions,
  • Upon your request, show your publication to an expert in the topic of writing

So, you only need to decide on the scope of proofreading services, and we will take care of everything else.

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Ammar El Gohary
Ammar El Gohary
17:09 25 Mar 18
Mustafa Adel
Mustafa Adel
09:50 05 Apr 18
Thank you Elaph Translation Team, you were of good help. I recommend all to use their services.
Esraa Nasser
Esraa Nasser
10:07 05 Apr 18
The team was very helpful
bassam hamdy
bassam hamdy
10:09 05 Apr 18
خدمة متميزة ولكن الأسعار اعتقد كانت مرتفعة
Eslam Kyal
Eslam Kyal
13:00 09 Apr 18
I truly appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service. The level of detail and professionalism you have demonstrated on urgent requests of Translation.
abu ali
abu ali
09:48 07 May 19
very bad service and very rude customer service
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