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You know first impressions last.

You’ve just made your first steps into a hotel in France, and here they are welcoming you with a translation gaffe. You read a sign at the reception, saying in English, lol and behold, “Please leave your values at the front desk.” You bet. But what do you have inside?
Or worse…

Hospitality Services in Dubai

Why would I need to translate my marketing arsenal? You might be asking.

Imagine you receive someone at you home without being able to communicate with him in his language. The language barrier can create a significant problem in the hospitality industry. With words you use in your brochures, leaflets and advertisement, you let him expect to feel at home when he/she visits your place, be it:

  • leisure escape
  • tourist attraction
  • shopping mall
  • theme park
  • aviation carrier
  • travel agency
  • tourism board
  • safari operator
  • hotel
  • resort
  • restaurant
  • etc…

Guest experience is crucial for any business in the hospitality industry. Never leave a stone upturned to give them an extraordinary experience.If you have your marketing materials in their language, you make their life with you easy. Don’t force me to use a foreign language.

That what would you be hearing them saying if you are able to read faces. Anyone would be more comfortable using his or her first not second language.

Charge your words with your business passion

They will love you, and, as you know, when you love someone, you want to stay around forever. So be prepared with their language brochures and leaflets translated. Have them feel at home, and they will stay longer, they will be willing to generate money for you, and they will not wait longer before they come back for another visit.
What is more?
They will be your ambassadors to a large community of new guests. And this means more business.

Let Them Tell Your Story the Way You Do

But in the language they feel comfortable most. Word of mouth from your guests can influence your business to an unimaginable degree. So put your money where the mouths of your guests are. They will take the words you put in front of their eyes and say them on your behalf. Do you want them to say it in another language?
When you don’t translate your hospitality arsenal into their language, you put the burden of translation on your guests.
More bad news?
You don’t have control over how they will translate what you said about yourself in your language. Believe me. This is the surefire way of losing your business on the long run. After all, what could translation cost you comparing to revenues generated from in-your-guest-language marketing materials? Cost of translation, even it is a quality one, shouldn’t deprive you from lots of opportunities to expand your outreach to new hospitality markets. Some of those operating in the hospitability business choose to be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Certainly, you are not one of them.

So, what aspects of your business should you translate?

Honestly, everything that speaks for you:

  • Virtual presence, known widely as website
  • promotional offers
  • tickets and coupons
  • sales materials
  • terms and conditions
  • multimedia advertising
  • directories
  • press releases
  • in-flight magazines
  • rental contracts
  • travel agreements
  • insurance policies
  • feedback document
  • reviews and testimonial
  • Marketing materials
  • guidelines
  • maps
  • elevators speak
  • signs
  • menus
  • Disclaimers
  • etc…

You don’t have another option. You have to adopt to their needs. This is why they choose you over your competitors. Those who can understand their customers better and who can make their atmosphere more welcoming to their guests will have the lion’s share of the business.

How do they do that? Simply, they adjust to the requirements of their customers. Customer comes first as you definitely know. Be one of them and never rest for less.

You can’t be in hospitality business without being hospital. Enough said.

What Makes Elaph Translation So Different?

If you want to drive hordes of people to you, make them feel at home away from home, let them have a memorable experience, then welcome home. If your message is so dear to you that you want convey it in the best words created ever, then welcome home. If you spent a lifetime honing your story and you want to have it told in another language yet with the same voice, tone and style, then welcome home.

Elaph Translation will help you get laser focused about your guests and visitors, the solutions you provide them with, and the roadmap to success.

We will translate your service copy for you to make the best of your efforts and offers, of course with the aim to sell, but with a language that is not pushy.

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