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Arabic translation services in Dubai are uncountable.

General Translation Services in dubai

It is enough to copy paste this sentence and google will find you innumerable translation companies and agencies. What distinguishes one from another? What makes you assign your Arabic translation project to either? Of course, it would be a reckless step to close your eyes and pick whatever comes first. Not always those who can satisfy google are good at translation.

How to choose the one?

How you can sift through all these translation agencies, translation memory software, online translation services, machine translation websites? It is you who will take the decision. And when we take decisions we will own them. Right or wrong? We will be responsible for our decisions. Let’s say it bluntly. A better-informed decision will spare you many troubles.

So what makes Elaph Translation stands out in the crowd of translation companies?

Elaph translation takes translation seriously. How? As you know, now there are plenty of machine translation online. And everyone can swear that he is a translator. Give your translation to any john or jack and he will head immediately to google translate or any other online service. Click a button and here we have an Arabic text translated from your English one.

Wait a moment. Is it that easy?

So why would you pay and wait. English to Arabic translation is not that easy. Otherwise, anyone with an internet access can translate. Even if he doesn’t have any idea about the language to translate from or the language to translate to.

It is not a matter of conveying English words into Arabic equivalents. In fact, one English words can have many Arabic equivalent. So how a machine (like google translate) will prefer this over that.

Take this example:

How does the phrase ‘fresh chicken’ translate into Arabic?

Easy: ‘دجاج طازج’.

So how the phrase ‘fresh water’ translate into Arabic?


‘ماء عذب’ . Wrong. ‘ماء طازج’.

Why the word ‘fresh’ in the first phrase translates into ‘ طازج ’ but ‘عذب’ in the second one? Ask the translation agency you pick out of Arabic translation services in Dubai this question, and see what they would tell you. Why? Most probably, they would translate both phrases correctly. But the question is not ‘how you translate this and that.” The question is ‘why…?’ Beware of those who have no clue about this ‘why’.

This is a simple example that illustrates why something may go wrong during translation (travel of text from one language to another). It is not only that. Every text includes many translation problems that need to be solved.

Solutions come from a real translator, who knows how to handle translation problems. There are many levels of translation difficulties. The more difficult a text to translate, the more likely the translated text would have an embarrassing mistake. One translation mistake may ruin your reputation. Your hard-earned reputation or at least obliterate your message entirely.

Just take a moment to think of your efforts during producing the original text (the English one). How careful you were about choosing words. How careful about the format of your text. How careful you were about your voice. Likely, in translated text, translator should take care of all these things and many more.

Otherwise, you are left with a translated text that is lifeless, to say the least. Experience plays a great role in avoiding these traps in translation.

And among Arabic translation services in Dubai, Elaph prides itself on having an experience of 10 years in Dubai translation market. And we count on.

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Ammar El Gohary
Ammar El Gohary
17:09 25 Mar 18
Mustafa Adel
Mustafa Adel
09:50 05 Apr 18
Thank you Elaph Translation Team, you were of good help. I recommend all to use their services.
Esraa Nasser
Esraa Nasser
10:07 05 Apr 18
The team was very helpful
bassam hamdy
bassam hamdy
10:09 05 Apr 18
خدمة متميزة ولكن الأسعار اعتقد كانت مرتفعة
Eslam Kyal
Eslam Kyal
13:00 09 Apr 18
I truly appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service. The level of detail and professionalism you have demonstrated on urgent requests of Translation.
abu ali
abu ali
09:48 07 May 19
very bad service and very rude customer service
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