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- Consecutive or Simultaneous
Conference Services In Dubai

When you two people speaking two different languages meet to manage their mutual business, and each of them has no good command of the other’s language, what is the service they need for their meeting to be successful?

It is interpretation.

Interpretation is roughly an immediate oral translation. In this scenario, you call upon a person who can speak the two languages to go between the two people. This is your man every time a language barrier exists between two sides who want to communicate in a seamless smooth manner.

This is the service you will need whether you will have a business meeting with other individuals in a small room from a foreign country, or you will give an awesome presentation in a large conference hall with audience in hundreds.

So the barrier to effective communication will be a linguistic and translational one, due to the linguistic differences. An interpreter works as a mediator to bridge the linguistic, cultural and conceptual gaps between the participants in any type of gathering: meetings, forums, conferences, etc…

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting Services.

Which service do you need?

Mainly, there are two modes of interpreting: consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation.

For consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens to the whole speech or a large part of it and takes notes of significant points in what he listened to. Then s/he reproduces in the target language (the audience’s language) what s/he heard. So after the speaker finishes his comments or a significant portion of his speech, the interpreter translates such portion.

The volume of words to be interpreted will depend on preferences of speakers. Some of them will say few sentences, allowing time for the interpreter to play his role in between his portions of speech.

For your formal or informal small events and meetings, you can opt for the consecutive interpreting. These occasions include those communication events of more conversational nature, for example medical consultations, business interviews, press conferences, media gatherings, court proceedings, and other types of small-scale meetings. This mode of interpretation would take more time due to the relaying nature of speaking between the speakers and the interpreter. If time of the event is not of essence, this may be your option to facilitate communication at your event.

If time is crucial, then you may have to consider simultaneous interpreting.

In simultaneous interpreting (also known as conference interpreting), your audience hears the interpretation of the original speech at the real time, once they are said by the original speaker but in their language. You may go for the option of simultaneous interpreting when you an international conferences, training forums, lengthy presentations, high caliber keynote speeches, etc…

Simultaneous interpreting is usually served in halls well-equipped with telecommunication devices, receivers, headsets and microphones.

Interpreters’ Dubai Experience is Like No Other

As you know, Dubai has established its position as one of the world’s fastest leading hubs for conventions, meetings and conferences. At Elaph Translation, we have a team of Dubai-experienced interpreters. Our pool of English and Arabic interpreters who are fluent in almost every language you can think of will be happy to serve your needs to your highest expectations and standards. They will provide an accurate and faithful rendering of the original speech and meanings intended by your guest speakers. They will go the extra mile if required. For instance, they may deviate from the literal rendition of the source speech to provide communication that is more efficient and understandable. They may insert more contextual information if indispensable.

However, our interpreters are well aware of the fact that they are merely mediators and shouldn’t interfere with the two way communication event between its both sides. Regardless of how large your event, you are one call away from having your interpreting services. Just give us that one call.

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