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- Commercial Translation Services

Why Does Translation Has to Be a Commercial Translation?

Have you ever heard of commercial teaching, commercial education, commercial medicine, commercial engineering?

Is this a derogatory term to describe translation?
Not at all.

Commercial Translation Services in abu dhabi

Commercial translation is like any translation in that it is the operation aimed at rendering a written source text to a written target text. The target text should retain elements of information, form, functionality and tone-by agreed-on specifications.

This operation is usually done by an individual translator or a professional translation agency, like Elaph Translation. But what made a translation commercial is that it is made for commercial purposes, for business usages. It is done on your behalf in lieu of remuneration.

What is so special about commercial translation?

The most important factor that distinguishes commercial translation from any other translation is that is often requested with short deadlines. Very very short deadline to the degree you never expected. But no wonder commercial translation is will famed for filthy speed for it is called also business translation. Like anything in business world these days, you ask your translation agency to do it in the speed of light.

In response to their question about the deadline, you may say that you require your translation ready and handy before even the original text was written. But of course, you don’t prepare for this moment when you realize that you need your corporate business collateral in another language. And if you do, that would be in the last minute before you propose for a business deal or take your plane to a business meeting.

We are here to assure you that your translation (or business translation) can be made with a speed of light, or almost. It is as if commercial translation or you can call it if you wish business translation.

Commercial Translation: The success recipe

So how Elaph Translation guarantees that a business translation project will be resounding success? This is how.

In our terms, a successful translation project consists of the following steps:

(1) Project Inception (you may call it pre-production stage),
(2) Project Implementation (you may call it the production stage), and
(3) Project Finalization (you may call it the post-production phase).

Elaph Translation Model

Let’s have a peek together on our translation process that ensures your business translation done in the most proper manner. It is speedy but it lacks any fault of speedy translation. This is due to our effective translation process.

Elaph Translation works with clients to determine translation needs. We don’t handle your translation requests as other translation agencies do. Translation agencies usually receive your request for translation. You will hear them claiming to have a pool of professional specialist translators. Once you have finished your call or have sent them a translation request, they contact freelance translators who produce the translation.

At Elaph Translation, we do really have a pool of professional specialist translators. In our translation process, Elaph Translation uses a “translate-edit-proof” model. In this model, one of our translators produces a translation. Then a second translator in the same language pair (you may call it the “editor”) checks for accuracy. He revises the translation. Afterwards, Elaph Translation gives the translation produced to a proofreader. We assign a proofreader to check the target text for correctness and accuracy. The three steps illustrated above work as filters so that you have your translation with zero mistakes, literally zero mistakes.

How you can help us in giving you the best translation possible

There is a prevalent concept about translation that all you have to do is to hand your original documents to a translation agency, saying “translate this!” This can’t be farther from the truth. It is a myth that has been busted by all many translation scholars and experts around the world.

In fact, you are the actual manager of your business translation project. You play a critical success of your commercial translation project. In order for us as a translation provider to maintain consistency in terminology and style, we ask you as a translation requester for as many supporting documents as possible (glossaries, translation memories, and related texts).

Free tip: as a business translation requester, you should be concerned about any translation agencies who do not request you to provide such things.

How we go about commercial translation implementation phase

We make sure that all relevant resources or materials (the source text, the project specifications, and the reference materials) are available to our qualified translator. Our competent translators even ask for these helping documents, and insist on having them for they know these are integral part of the translation production phase.

Our translators will have enquirers and questions. We will communicate to you these queries as the designated contact person where we may ask you for clarification and more materials. This is actually what defines a professional translation agency. But unfortunately, you wouldn’t find many translation companies asking you for these. In such case, you should give it a second thought. You’d better ask yourself why would they give a decent translation when they don’t ask you for what they should.

Elaph Translation Quality Assurance Process

Once initial translation phase comes to an end by our translator, it is given to a specific translation project manager of our team. The translation project manager will work to guide this translation job through a Quality Assurance (QA) process. In this phase, he performs the tasks related to QA as produced by the earlier phases of translation request. Also in this phase, we conduct a full comparison of the source text and the target text (revision). Then a review will be made by a subject matter expert.

 Business translation project Finalization

This is when we send you back your translation, along with any documents that you sent us and request to be sent back. You kindly confirm the receipt of your business translation project. Should you have any queries or concerns about the translation, you are welcomed to discuss them with your project manager assigned to your translation job. Any edits or amendments you bring up will be handled in the most professional manner. And your instructions will be followed to the very end. Congratulations. You have accomplished your translation request and everybody will live happily ever after.

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