Interpretation Service

- Interpretation Service


If you are looking to organize a conference where your keynote speeches are to be delivered in a language other than your audience’s language, then your conference will need interpretation service. At Elaph, we pride ourselves of the interpretation experience we gleaned over more than a decade. This applies to the provision of required equipment as well as to other aspects of the service. Moreover, we have a team of interpreters who are ready to respond to your needs with matchless expertise and fine customer service.


You can’t afford to skip the part related to interpreting facilities when organizing a corporate conference. These are prerequisites to the success of any international event. Some of these equipment include interpreter’s booths, headsets, and microphones. All is required from your side as a respectful client of Elaph is to indicate your needs in detail and we will help you through the hire of state of the art installations and facilities. It all starts with your brief and your all attendees will have an outstanding experience.

Matchless Experience in Providing Interpretation Services

When it comes to interpreting services, Elaph has been known for unwavering commitment to the quality of interpreting services. When you organize your conference, you will find the process including many variables. You can rely on our services and support to get the best of it.

Our Quality Guarantee

  Excellent customer service
 Optimal equipment rental price
 Event organization support

Experience Has No Alternative

Experience rules in every profession, and interpreting is no exception. Decide on your best resources and let us know how we can put our experience in interpreting services at your disposal.


  • Experienced interpreters
  • High profile services
  • Wider market knowledge

Seamless Interpreting Service Provision

For your conference to be a resounding success, you should have to your side a language service provider that experienced and cost effective. We will pull few strings to get it done on your behalf if you require us to do so. We have a list of the best service providers whether it concerns conference logistics, interpreting equipment or interpreters.

We Deliver on Our Promise

You are working against the clock to meet your conference arrangement deadline. You can’t afford to skip one element of the various tasks involved in the process.
At Elaph, we take the hassle out of your conference organization task. To run easily and successfully, your event needs interpreters with top skillsets. We have them ready to work with you hand in hand. We assign an account manager who will coordinate all details. Our promise is that your expectations will be met if not exceeded.